Kto zmartwychwstanie? O pamięci, jako warunku tożsamości osobowej i zmartwychwstania


Rafał Tryścień


The reason for writing this article was the desire to present as a metaphysically important and possible concept of the resurrection of a particular person, which in the face of neurobiological research is not so obvious. In death and total decay of the human body with the brain, which is considered as basis of mental activities and memory, concepts that justify the resurrection of a person face the challenge of confirming the identity of a person before death with a person after death. If my body and memory are completely lost with the state of death, then who will be the resurrected person? Even if I am resurrected, what will I remember if my memory depends on my brain? How can I be responsible for my actions in the Last Judgment if I do not remember them?


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Rafał Tryścień

Mgr Rafał Tryścień, doktorant w Katedrze Logiki i Metodologii Nauk Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego. Zainteresowania badawcze: analityczna filozofia religii, filozofia umysłu, metafizyka analityczna, filozofia A.J. Ayer`a. Adres e-mail: rafaltryscien@gmail.com.