Postawa bezbożnego na przykładzie wybranych psalmów


Grzegorz Boboryk


The wicked is the foe of YHWH, His nation and the righteous (Ps 1; 119). His hatred toward YHWH is demonstrated by rejecting the demands of the Torah. On the result of the priest pronouncement, the wicked is expelled from the cult community and becomes prohibited from entering precints of the Temple (Ps 15; 24). The wicked hates the righteous whom he oppresses, persecutes and tries to kill.  In his life and conduction he promotes himself, while at the same time he is without any regard for YHWH and for his neighbor.  In his life prosperity rises exaggerated self-assertion, that in result leads him to haughtiness (Ps 73). On the land that is the gift of YHWH, the wicked has no regard for God’s will and His demands (Ps 37). He is ungrateful towards God and unfaithful to YHWH from whom he received the land as His gift and blessing. And above all, the wicked hates the righteous who is a visible representation of Yahweh’s presence on the Earth. For this reason, the wicked tries to kill the righteous in order to blot out YHWH’s memory from face of the Earth. If he is a king, he becomes a real disaster to the nation, bringing chaos and many troubles.


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Grzegorz Boboryk

Jest duchownym Kościoła Zielonoświątkowego, absolwentem International Institute for Biblical Study ChIB (1996), WST (1999), Chrześcijańskiej Akademii Teologicznej (2001), doktorantem Chrześcijańskiej Akademii Teologicznej w Warszawie, członkiem Komisji Redaktorów dla Przekładu Ekumenicznego Starego Testamentu (Towarzystwo Biblijne w Polsce) i Międzykościelnej Komisji Konsultacyjnej Starego Testamentu (Towarzystwo Biblijne w Polsce).