Dola i niedola kobiet w polskich Kościołach ewangelikalnych O statusie kobiet w służbie kościelnej


Tomasz Józefowicz


Article presents the position and status of women involved in ministry in Polish evangelical churches. It is suggested that on the basis of churches’ statutes and bylaws one can distinguish three models of women’s participation in the leadership of the churches: model of full participation, model of limited participation (women can be members of church boards but cannot be senior nor adjunct pastors) and the restrictive model banishing women from any leadership positions. Article reviews also recent debate which took place in Baptist and in Pentecostal denominational periodicals about the place of women in the ministry of the church. Article ends with some recommendations concerning further discussion of the status of women in ministry in Polish evangelicalism.


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Tomasz Józefowicz

Dr Tomasz Józefowicz, Wyższa Szkoła Teologiczno-Społeczna, zainteresowania badawcze: ewangelikalna etyka społeczna i polityczna, równouprawnienie płci.