Wątki eschatologiczne w zachowanych fragmentach peszeru do Księgi Izajasza 4Q161/4QpIsa


Marek Kurkierewcz


The presented article analyses the preserved fragments of the Qumran’s commentary on Isaiah found in Cave 4 (4QpIsa) in relation to the eschatological content. There have been following subjects described: 1) meaning and function of the term the last days; 2) eschatological function of the war; 3) the meaning of the rest and 4) the title of the prince of the congregation. The whole of that is preluded by the translation of reconstructed text of the pesher.

All the subjects come from the Hebrew Bible. The pesher either goes deeper or reinterpret them in any fundamental way. But it connects the text of the Isaiah with the contemporary persons, occurrences and problems announced by the prophet, indicating the way they would come true in the future.


Biogram autora

Marek Kurkierewcz

Marek Kurkierewicz Pastor Zboru Kościoła Zielonoświątkowego w Koszalinie. Absolwent Biblijnego Seminarium Teologicznego we Wrocławiu i Chrześcijańskiej Akademii Teologicznej w Warszawie. Zainteresowania: egzegeza i teologia biblijna, qumranologia. Pracuje nad rozprawą doktorską na temat eschatologii pism qumrańskich.