Służba apostolska w Kościele XXI wieku


Kamil Hałambiec


There is a great emphasis in the New Testament on the fact that there are specific gifts that Christ has given to the church. There are various theological interpretations and ecclesiastical traditions that hold different points of view on the need of these gifts in the contemporary church and it looks as if one of the greatest debates is about the gift of apostleship. This may be because of the increasing popularity of apostolic movements and the growing debate about the ‘new apostolic reformation’. Therefore it is important to note that this article is written from Pentecostal perspective. In the present work I have attempted to answer the questions: is there a need for apostles in 21st century Church and how will their ministry be recognized?


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Kamil Hałambiec

Kamil Hałambiec – magister teologii, absolwent Warszawskiego Seminarium Teologicznego,  Chrześcijańskiej Akademii Teologicznej oraz University of Wales. Pastor Kościoła Zielonoświatkowego w Lesznie, dyrektor Chrześcijańskiej Misji Pentekoste i wykładowca m.in. Dogmatyki pentekostalnej i Historii i teologii ruchów przebudzeniowych w WSTS. Jego główne zainteresowania to teologia i filozofia religii.