Studium zależności między aktywnością charyzmatyczną a wzrostem Kościoła Zielonoświątkowego w Polsce


Oliwer Cieślar


The studies of M. Poloma and W. K. Kay on American and British Pentecostals revealed a significant correlation between charismatic activity and church growth. Also charismatic activity was found to be the most influential factor on evangelistic activity which is believed to be the cause of church growth. Based upon the results of those studies the Pentecostal Church of Poland was analysed to verify if a similar correlation could also be detected. For the purpose of this study a survey was conducted that included a representative sample from total number of Pastors, Elders and members of the Church. The response of the quantitative study was statistically analysed and revealed similar results to those obtained from American and British Pentecostals. The study might contribute to an understanding of the decreasing trend of Church growth since late 90s. It could also be a helpful tool for the National Leadership of the Church to consider a strategy that could help reverse the present trend.


Biogram autora

Oliwer Cieślar

Oliwer Cieślar – od 2013 r. redaktor naczelny czasopisma „Chrześcijanin”, magister teologii praktycznej Master of Arts in Practical Theology (Mattersey Hall, Glyndwr University), doktorant ChAT. Artykuł stanowi opracowanie najważniejszych zagadnień z pracy dyplomowej złożonej w Mattersey Hall Bible College, w Anglii.