Szasu, Seir, Choryci, a pochodzenie patriarchów


Daniel Rafał Kalinowski


The article collects information about the mysterious foes of ancient Egypt – Shasu. They were the object of hostile Egyptian invasions over the centuries, but as it is suggested in the article, they also found themselves in the position of ruling Egypt for about three centuries. Deeper analysis of information given in regard to the Shasu let us conclude that many of them lived in Canaan, some specifically in the land called Seir.

The Shasu consisted of tribes, one of which was described as “shasu yhw”, which naturally turns our attention to the tribes of the Hebrews who worshipped God, YHWH. Evidence is presented in favor of this connection.

The cult of YHWH, as stated in the OT, began in the land of Seir, which was regarded as the land of the Horites, an ancient tribe of people. Coinsidently, they have some things in common with the Shasu that ruled Egypt. The article put forward the thesis that the Patriarchs were descendants of the Horites, which can be demonstrated by the customs that the Patriarchs practiced.


Biogram autora

Daniel Rafał Kalinowski

Magister teologii (ChAT 2009 r.), Master of Theology (Bangor University 2012 r.), doktoranat ChAT. Zainteresowania: eschatologia biblijna, kontekst historyczno-kulturowy, okres epoki patriarchów, wzajemne oddziaływania religii Bliskiego Wschodu w okresie starożytnym, historia pentekostalizmu.